Poolcap Australia provide protective hard covers for your pool during times of construction or renovations, this cover not only protects the internal finish of your newly build swimming pool, but also adds a safety barrier for anybody working around the pool area.


With the introduction of many new Work place health and safety regulations, more and more home builders are requiring hard covers to be installed on swimming pools that have been built prior to the completion of the house.

These hard cover options have often been a costly outlay on what is already a tight budget for most new home builders- until now.


Poolcap Australia offers quality, sound semi permanent hard covers at an affordable price, Starting at just $1400 for a 6 x 3m pool for up to 6 months hire, No early removal fees! 

We also have casual rates available depending on size of pool and duration of cover.


Our covers are built on site to your specification, constructed from durable flooring sheets that are treated against moisture adhesion, Drilled and bolted into your pools existing concrete beam, Once removed and the pools coping has been installed, the covers leave no evidence that they were ever there, save for a prestine protected pool interior!